Vans RV12

The RV12 a two-seat all-metal side-by-side aircraft with a large cabin that seats the occupants ahead of the wing spar for maximum room and superb visibility. It is powered by a Rotax 912ULS 100 hp engine and is available for instruction in Whitianga through the availability of resources by the MBAC. This aircraft was assembled in Whitianga with the assistance of MBAS high school students under expert supervision. (Hence the registration ZK-MBA)

Standard Features
Standard features of the Vans RV12 include:

Electronic dash flight & engine instruments (VFR)
406mHz ELT
Dual controls (stick, rudder, throttle)
Lighting includes strobes, position lights and a landing light
100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine air & liquid cooled
A two-axis autopilot
Engine driven fuel pump
Wheel spats
Ground-adjustable Sensenich composite propeller

Wing Span
26' 9in
19' 11in
Cabin Width
Empty Weight
Gross Weight
Top Speed
135 mph
Cruise@75% Power
116 - 131 mph
Stall Speed
45 mph
700 ft
525 ft
Service Ceiling
13800 ft


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